• Floor and Reflected Ceiling Plan Professional 10-User Site License

    $495.00 $250.00

    This is a 10-User Site License of the AV Symbols Professional Library.  It offers a simple way to visualize AV, communications and broadcast technology on architectural plans so architects, owners, integrators and consultants understand the function and location of the technology.  AV symbols are recognizable by shape (e.g., a speaker looks like a speaker, a rack looks like a rack) or function (ports are represented by triangles). 

    The AV Symbols Professional Library offers advanced AutoCAD Dynamic Block features to make documentation simpler, including:

    1. Automatic scaling
    2. Automatic alignment to walls
    3. Symbol stretch/scale, so symbols approximate real size, such as flat panels, screens and racks
    4. Multiple views of each symbol to conform with project norms
    5. Automated text movement (H, V and rotation) so text does not conflict with other objects
    6. Multiple insertion points for easy positioning
    7. Easy-to-use AutoCAD Ribbon menu for selecting symbols, NCS/AIA layer names and recommended abbreviations

    The AV SYMBOLS Floor and Reflected Ceiling Plan Professional Library offers expert-approved graphical symbols by leading audio, communication, security and video experts in the ANSI® J-STD-710: Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols Standard, and leading architects ratified the symbols in the US National CAD Standard (NCS) V6.  This symbol library was drawn by Dr. Walter Black, with permission of J-STD 710 and NCS, where Dr Black served on the committees and was Chair of the NCS V6 Symbols Task Team.

    The AV SYMBOLS Professional Library contains 102 symbols, including:

    • Audio
    • Video
    • AV Furnishings
    • Central Vacuum
    • Communications Networks
    • Control Systems
    • Environmental Control
    • Receptacles, Sensors, Switches and Alternative Energy
    • Safety and Security
    • Tags