About AV Symbols

The symbols included in all AV SYMBOLS Libraries were drawn by Dr. Walter Black to exacting AutoCAD quality standards, categorized by MasterFormat™ Number and created using the AIA/NCS Layers in accordance with the NCS guidelines.  The symbols work in AutoCAD 2013 to 2018. AV SYMBOLS also works with BricsCAD, the most advanced AutoCAD alternative. Standard works with BricsCAD V14 – 17, but PRO only works with BricsCAD V17. AV SYMBOLS should also work on other AutoCAD compliant programs, but these have not been tested.

This symbols library is derived from and used with permission of the J-STD-710: Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols Standard. This standard is:
  • A Joint Standard with CEA, CEDIA and InfoComm, and approved by ANSI in January 2015
  • Created in cooperation with BICSI, IEEE, SIA, TIA and the US National CAD Standards (NCS) V6

Dr. Walter Black's History in Symbols and Design

Dr. Black was an educator, college administrator and an educational management consultant, prior to dedicating his life to AV and broadcast design and standards, including:

  • AV/Broadcast Integration for 6 years
  • Founded VidCAD, the first dedicated AV and Broadcast  CAD program 30 years ago
  • NCS v4 – Submitted AV and Broadcast Layer Schema, which is still used today
  • US National BIM Standards V2 team member
  • InfoComm BIM Standards V1 & 2 team member
  • InfoComm Labor Units Guidelines team member
  • InfoComm representative on J-STD 710 and NCS V6
  • Task Team Leader, NCS v6 Symbols and nominated for this position for NCS v7
  • AV-BIM LinkedIn group Webmaster.  Join us for daily BIM and CAD articles for AV Professionals
  • InfoComm Cable Label and Rack Standards ad hoc member